Production updates from DP!

The production is on the right track and we started material collection and production 3 weeks ago.

The material collection takes more time than we expected mainly because the motors we ordered were delayed. The motors we ordered have very stable PU material. But our supplier promises that we can get the motors this week. So we think we will ship the Christmas Special boards this week or next week. Here are some photos about our product manufacture.

For shipping time, European countries take 8 business days for shipping. Australian countries take 8 business days for shipping. Thailand takes 7 business days. Japan and Korea takes 4 to 5 business days. US and Canada takes 6 to 8 business days. We will updates about our shipping number to each Christmas special backer.

So our estimate delivered time will be the last week of December or the beginning week of January. Sorry for the delay of the production and we are too optimistic about the production timeline. If you very care about the delivery time to be before the Christmas time, you could change to the order to normal shipping or cancel the order and choose another gift. We sincerely wish you could have a good holiday and new year. I wish our delay does not break your Christmas mood!

For normal delivery, I will go back to China on December 19th and stay at manufacture to make sure the production and quality control. I will have some photos and videos to record the manufacture and makes it more transparent. I will also have more updates about ionboard! Here are some photos about our manufacture.

Thank you guys for supporting ionboard. There is no ionboard without whatever bad reviews or good reviews from our backers. We want to bring the joy of electric skateboard to more people and provide the best electric skateboard user experience. As the holiday is near, I represent ionboard team to give you the most sincere wishes about Christmas and new year! Also wish ionboard to be an important life partner with you next year!



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