How does the during-campaign referral program work?

Share our electric skateboard campaign with your friends, and we will give you a 10% discount on your purchase for every sale you help raise. All you have to do is click the button to register, and we will give you a unique link to share. The more you share, the more you earn!

How/when discount/free board for my participation in the referral program?

Thank you so much for participating our referral program. Please contact customer service through email, facebook, Instagram or Snapchat.
Phone: 714-398-7867
Snapchat: ionboardtech

Have you made prototypes of the board?

Yes, we have finished final prototypes for both ionboard and ionboard X.

Will my board arrive on time?

We have already begun manufacturing the boards, and the holiday orders will ship by air on November 28th, with the standard orders shipping in late December. The holiday orders will arrive in time for Christmas. The standard order will ship by boat, and should take about four weeks to arrive at our facility in California, but could take six weeks if the shipment is stopped for a customs inspection. We anticipate the boards arriving in early February at the earliest and mid-February at the latest.

What happens if the board is damaged?
What if I need the components for the board?

Typically, hub-motor design is easier for maintenance than boards with belt motors because boards with belts need to have the belt change, but ionboard does not. Our warranty is for six months. Here is our price list of the components (shipping fee not included). If you want to replace any parts, simply email us at
Remote: $15
Motor: $45/each
Battery: $85
Charger: $20
Case: $10
Power bottom: $10
Deck: $35
Controlling system: $55

What is your Return Policy?

We want you to love your ionboard. If something isn’t working for you, we want to make it right. Products can be returned within two weeks of purchase. The original receipt (with purchase number) is also needed. If the board has been used normally within the first two weeks, we will refund the full purchase price. If it is broken or has small problems when we receive it, we will provide evidence and charge an appropriate service fee.

Is the board waterproof?
If I have other questions, who should I contact?
How do I customize my ionboard?

First, please order the board on Kickstarter.
Second, please go to to choose or upload your grip tape design. We charge $39 for each grip tape.

How does ionboard work?

Our board is controlled by a reliable and responsive Bluetooth remote that controls the hub motors. You easily can accelerate and brake using the controls on the remote, which has two speed settings and an indicator indicating the charge left on the board.

Can ionboards be used as a regular skateboard?

Yes, ionboards without power is just like any other longboard. You can still kick to push the board and rise it like normal. It is important to know how to kick push the board and to know how to footbrake in the rare case of an emergency power loss. Please ride only on hills and areas you would be comfortable riding on without power.

What is the beeping noise coming from the board?

ionboard will start beeping once it is low on power. Please connect the board to a charger to keep ionboard performing best. It is also important you frequently charge the remote, as it could be dangerous if the remote dies while you are riding the board.

Does the board come with a skate tool?

Yes, ionboard and ionboard X come with a skate tool you can use to adjust the trucks and the wheels as well should you wish to replace or clean the bearings. Make sure you have sufficient knowledge before making the proper adjustments. We recommend loosening the trucks when you receive the board one-quarter turn at a time until it is to your liking. Have the rear trucks slightly tighter than the front trucks to minimize the risk of speed-wobble.

Where is the battery indicator on ionboard X?

The battery indicator for ionboard X is displayed on the remote, providing a convenient and easy way to determine how much charge is left on the board.

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